Our Services:


  • Product Discovery & Launch
  • Brand Strategy
  • Growth Analysis & Strategy
  • Marketing & Social


  • Naming, Legal, Positioning
  • Rebranding Efforts
  • Brand Identity & Collateral 
  • Brand Book / Brand Style Guide


  • Design Sprints
  • UI/UX, Web, Mobile
  • Design Systems
  • Internal Team Augmentation




Design is for people, but design is also for profitability—and profitability can apply to many things besides money. Too often, products are designed with a beautiful visual language, or an excellent user experience, but lack profitable sustainability. You don't just want to build a product, you want to build a sustainable business.

Our marriage of business acumen and product design experience is what makes the VanLue Design Company uniquely valuable. I'm a problem solver, and I specialize in distilling complex problems into innovative solutions through design and technology. But I'm also a formally trained economist from UCF and the London School of Economics. I understand things like profit & loss, sales cycles, supply and demand curves, and how to build a sustainable business. Unfortunately, in today's tech world, a "successful company" equates to an "acquired company." Instead, the goal should be a sustainable, profitable organization that responds to market shifts through reasoned innovation and creative risk-taking. 

We talk, and we actually walk. We've worked with some of the biggest names in the world like Google, Booz Allen Hamilton, Kay Jewelers, and Cisco. But we've also built successful organizations to the tune of reaching #709 on the Fortune 5000, and selling an EdTech startup for $36million. 

We're more than just a design company. We love reaching people and building sustainable organizations. Let's work together to create something that impacts the world around us.

Jason VanLue, Founder & Principal You can learn more about him and follow him on Twitter if you like...

Jason VanLue, Founder & Principal
You can learn more about him and follow him on Twitter if you like...


Are You Available?

Yes! We are currently accepting engagements for Spring and Summer 2017. Please get in touch and we can discuss details. All of our policies are detailed in our Operating Agreement which we are more than happy to provide.

How Can I Retain You?

We provide our services either through a fixed-fee schedule, or by blocks of time. Each engagement will be evaluated individually based on the services required.

Do you provide alternative options for payment and/or engagement?

We do invest in and provide advisory services for companies through our parent company, VanLue Ventures, LLC. Occasionally we will offer our design services at cost+investment, though it is a safe bet to assume that we will be requiring full payment for your project. 

Do you provide a discount for non-profits? Do you do pro-bono work?

We love working with mission-minded organizations—in fact, we work primarily with non-profits—and our current fee schedule reflects that. We try to remove as many barriers as possible and keep our rates very competitive in hopes that we can help do the most good. We typically accept 1-2 pro-bono cases each year. 

Here Are Some Good Reasons NOT to Work With Us:

1. You're shopping for the lowest price

We don't compete on price. We stand by our market value and our professionalism, and it's usually a big red flag if one of your first questions involves how cheaply you can retain services. We work with every one of our clients to find an arrangement that’s right for both parties. Remember, our business is helping your business be more profitable, and we only take on work that we’re confident it will make you more than you’ll spend on our services. We'd love to chat with you more about this topic if you like.

2. You require an RFP

It's not necessarily a deal breaker, but we don't believe RFP's are the best way to collaborate on a successful design project. We do understand that certain organizations and companies require an RFP no matter what, and in such cases we'll do our best to work with you. 

3. You need it done NOW!!!

Obviously, we all want things as quickly as we can get them (thanks Amazon Prime!). There certainly are cases where the timeline is rushed for valid reasons—but, effective design solutions always take time. We're very efficient, and very professional, and work at a speed that's tailored to each project We will do our best to accommodate your timeline, but from the outset we make no promises.

4. You need us to "just finish up."

We almost never take on an existing project from another firm if we're expected to use a large portion of their design, strategy, or code base. We understand there are both hostile and amiable separations, and will certainly consider how to maximize your remaining timeline and budget. But we aren't field medics, and don't like to take on "patch-up projects." *

5. You're unwilling to go through our process

When we hear the words, "this really should only take about XYZ days...," or "I've done all the wireframing, I just need it built..." we typically run for the hills. Every step of our process is intentional, and essential. As professionals, we won't waste your time, or your money. You are hiring us for our problem-solving expertise as well as our production acumen, and our process is carefully honed to ensure both are given their proper due. 

If all that sounds copacetic, we'd love to chat with you more about how we might be able to serve you. We're looking forward to it.

*We are indebted to Dan Mall for his tireless work in helping the design community at large create better working relationships with clients. A sizable portion of our agreements, policies, and FAQs stem from his work and we're very grateful.